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KERWATA is the Social Projects Development Office (SPDO) of the Salesian Sisters of the East Africa Province which is committed to social ministry through its 12 educational and social development centers located where they need them most, throughout Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.
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With a $15 monthly contribution become a member of KERWATA and participate in the care program and initiative offered to our children, women and communities in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. 


The members form the essential foundation of our existence and contribute to maintaining all the programmes. But our members are not only financially supportive, but are people who trust us, who support us with their enthusiasm and motivation, and with whom we like to share our progress and growth.


We will send you information periodically regarding the development of the projects. If you wish, you can also contribute your ideas and suggestions as to improving our work.


The Sponsorship programme has as its purpose to touch and transform the lives of thousands of children every year. Education is the magic wand which can lead to the holistic growth of the individual child. The growth of a child promises the growth of a family and the entire society and nation at large. By sponsoring a child, you contribute to caring for a child in particular.


Primary School: with just $20 a month you can ensure that a child receives his/her primary education. Your contribution will cover the school fees, material, uniform, transportation and food in the school dining room.


Literacy Program: collaborates with KERWATA in the education of street children. Thanks to your contribution of $25 a month a street child will have the opportunity that any human being deserves and will receive the basic care and literacy necessary to, in the future, be able to join regular schooling.


Secondary School: help us to ensure that no child misses the opportunity to continue with their education. With $30 a month it will cover the school fees, material, uniform, transportation and food in the school dining room. The future is Education. Collaborate!!!.


Children’s Home: collaborate with KERWATA and get the most vulnerable children to enjoy a happy and complete life. With a contribution of 100$ a month you will guarantee the house, food, clothes, health care, school fees, materials and everything necessary for a child to grow up healthy and happy.


As a sponsor, you obtain the fulfilment of being a very important component of this whole new world! Become an essential part of your child’s world!

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Collaborate solidarity companies min


Today, thanks to the contributions of different companies to the work of KERWATA, the quality of life of many children, women and other vulnerable groups is improved day by day. More and more companies have found in KERWATA the best partner to express their social responsibility translated into projects and action plans.


Any company can contribute, as it chooses, and join the work of KERWATA. Contact us and together we will look for the best way to assist you in making your contribution.


An occasional or periodic contribution of the amount you choose will be essential for the development, and even the survival, of our children’s homes, dispensaries and educational projects.


With donations we make up the deficit, attend to emergencies and can also undertake new projects, build new premises or extend the existing ones.


Any contribution is highly valued and, however small it may seem makes a big difference.

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 USD TRANSFERS: 1630273209661

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KES TRANSFERS: 1630270177303